Ankara metropolitan municipality chooses VDG Sense

News, VDG Sense - May 27, 2016

Ankara, Turkey’s capitol city with around 5 million inhabitants, has chosen VDG Sense for its city’s Town Hall CCTV.

Ankara’s historical city center is built on a hill left of the banks of the Ankara Çayı and is full of historical buildings with beautiful Roman, Byzantium, Anadolu Selçuklu and Ottoman Empire influences. But Ankara also has an attractive modern side and a large focus on the well being of its culture and its citizens.

Safety and protection of the people in Ankara is enhanced with surveillance cameras around critical infra structure and public areas, and have more than once proven to be very valuable. One of the city’s most important buildings is the impressive town hall located at Hipodrum Road. Recently, the building’s CCTV system was expanded and upgraded. After an intensive selection procedure VDG Sense was selected. The Ankara Municipal was professionally advised and supported by our Turkish distributor EFB Elekronik, in close cooperation with Ankara region distributer of EFB Elektronik MData and supported by system integrator and installer ENKONET.

The total video security solution consists of 150 video channels, divided over two powerful 19” VDG servers. The existing cameras are a mixture of analogue and IP of different brands. Most cameras and encoders were already supported by VDG Sense, the others were easily connected using the Onvif protocol. The security monitoring room is situated in the heart of the building and provides 24/7 monitoring by several operators and a video wall, all based on VDG Sense client software).

VDG Sense has been selected because it could easily fulfill all the criteria the Municipality of Ankara required, such as multicast and brand independent camera support, no limitations in regard to future system expansion and last but not least: an intuitive and easy to use operator interface. The Municipality of Ankara is very happy and satisfied with the system and the support they get from EFB and MData. This was expressed during a recent visit of TKH Security’s European Sales Manager, Marcel van Kersbergen, with the gift of a beautiful book about Ankara’s cultural treasures from security manager Fatih Yılmaz.