Announcing VDG Sense

News - September 15, 2014

TKH Security B.V. announces a new trademark for their video management software: VDG Sense. The launch of the name goes along with a new website, new brand identity and new propositions.

Driven by innovation

TKH Security strives to be the most innovative developer of video management solutions. We are proud to have come this far and have many partners and customers around the world. We focus ahead of us and continue to innovate. We are therefore very proud to announce the new trademark of our video management software: VDG Sense. A new name gives us a chance to reconsider our market propositions and to explore new possibilities that fit within our passion and culture of making the most innovative video management software available on the market.

Together with our new trademark, we have taken the time to improve our website and other communication means towards our customers. For our distributors, we have made clear communication guidelines how to use VDG Sense in promotional or other purposes. Click here to find communication guidelines for VDG Sense.

Why VDG Sense?

To get to that, we have to answer the following question: what is the reason one would acquire a (video) surveillance system? The answer to this is both logical and enlightens at the same time: for safety. But safety is a very subjective concept. The distinctiveness of VDG lies in the fact that VDG can provide in many different safety needs with its video management system (VMS). VDG’s VMS offers integrated, reliable solutions, which are tailor made for the customer. It is a flexible system, and can be adjusted to the wishes and demands of the customer, without limitations. The software is intelligent, with emphasis on data collection and retrieval of this data by the user through macros. Besides this, VDG offers worldwide support for her customers. These are the foundations on which the VMS is built on.

Sense references ofcourse to the human senses, providing a link to what the VMS is (a video management system, which detects), what it does (detect and process information, actively signalling the user), and how it does this (by processing the data collection, signalling the user what has been sensed and choosing which actions should be taken).

We continue to innovate, and continue to develop the best video management software available on the market today. Take the time to read about the highlighted features on our VDG Sense pages, our solutions for various markets, or contact us when you are interested in what we have to offer for your business.