Get the preset images of a dome.

Get the preset images of a dome, a preset image is a represented image of the located preset position.


command=getpresetimage&serverid=[UID]&deviceid=[UID]&preset=[number]& imagewidth=[number >40&number <2560]&imageheight=[number>40&number<1600]
parameter type remarks
serverid [UID] unique server id.
deviceid [UID] unique device id.
preset [number] the number of the preset
imagewidth [number > 40 & number < 2560] optional image width for transcoding
imageheight [number > 40 & number < 1600] optional image height for transcoding


jpeg image (or result in case of error)
error code description remarks
-2 No device  No device found for the supplied cameraid/deviceid
-11 No image There is no image found to return
-21 Device not acive The device is not active in the current profile and cannot produce any results

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  • 2.1.1   – Added