Get the systemstatus of all servers. If the parameter serverid is set, the systemstatus of this server will be displayed.

Note: This function requires an API license.

This function obtains the status of the “whole” Sense VMS system, while getServerStatus will only return the status of one single server.


Note: serverid is optional.



<result errorcode="0">
        <devicestatuslist count="[number]"></devicestatuslist>
node value remarks
@errorcode [number] See error codes below
id  [id] unique id of the systemstatus
license [number] license number
devicestatuslist [number] the number of devicestatus objects
info [string] information about the storage values
storagesize [number] the number of storagesize
blocksize [number] the number of blocksize
info [string] information about the memory values
load [number] the number of the load memory
totalphys [number] the number of the total physical memory
availphys [number] the number of available physical memory
totalpagefile [number] the number of the total page files
availpagefile [number] the number of available page files.
totalvirtual [number] the number of the total virtual memory.
availvirtual [number] the number of available virtual memory
workingsetsize [number] the size of the working sets of the processmemory
cores [number] cpu cores value
load [number] cpu load value
inputbandwidth [number] width of inputband of the network
outputbandwidth [number] width of outputband of the network
readbandwidth [number] width of readband of the harddisk
writebandwidth [number] width of writeband of the harddisk
oem-id [number] unique id of the mainboard
numofprocessors [number] the number of processors
page-size [number] the number of pages.
processor-type [number] the type of the processor.
managementserveraddress [number] the address of the managementserver
managementconnectionstatus [string] Connection status with management server
IPaddress [ip-address]  The IP address of the DIVA server
type [string] type of server
address [ip-address]  The address of the server
username [string] The current logged in user
divaid [uid] Unique ID of the server
description [string] server description
percentage [number] the amount of tagged video in percentages
status [string] status of the tagged video (active, inactive)
error code description remarks
0 Ok Ok, no error

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  • 2.4.2 – Added