Bevolkingsonderzoek Oost

Improved access control at ‘Bevolkingsonderzoek Oost’: a Population Screening Center
The Netherlands
Bevolkingsonderzoek Oost

Improved access control at ‘Bevolkingsonderzoek Oost’: a Population Screening Center

There are three population screening programs for cancer in the Netherlands: for breast cancer, cervical cancer and colorectal cancer. Five regional population screening centers carry out these programs: North, East, South, South-West and Central-West. Population Screening Center East, which is called Bevolkingsonderzoek Oost in Dutch, organizes the population screening programs in the Dutch provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel. Together with ATS Nederland, TKH Security provided access control for five office locations and twelve mobile units for this region. Patrick Thijssen, Chief Security Officer at Bevolkingsonderzoek Oost: “Data security starts with physical security. One of our requirements was the improvement of access control by limiting physical access and monitoring when and where employees or suppliers enter.”

Limiting and monitoring physical access
“Last year Bevolkingsonderzoek Oost launched a tender to improve our data security and the physical security of our locations,” says Thijssen. “We work with sensitive data, both at the office locations and in the mobile units which we call ‘safe zones’. One of our requirements was the improvement of the access security to these ‘safe zones’. We run a reduced risk of data leaks by limiting the physical access and monitoring where and when people have had access to a ‘safe zone’. TKH Security provided 70 Sirius iX30 card readers on behalf of ATS Nederland, who won the tender. We monitor the access control via the iProtect Security Management software of TKH Security.”

Granting access upon request
“All of the approximately 200 employees of Bevolkingsonderzoek Oost have received a tag to gain access to the locations. These tags are divided into security groups, granting access to authorized employees and denying access to unauthorized persons. This way, employees can only gain access to ’safe zones’ that are necessary for them to do their job. The tags are linked to numbers instead of to the user’s personal data. This way, we can see exactly which door is opened without jeopardizing the users’ privacy. Our suppliers have received tags that we can activate remotely. As soon as a supplier needs access to a ‘safe zone’, this access can be activated for a certain period of time. Monitoring this access not only contributes to on-site safety, but also to checking suppliers' work orders.”

Your mobile phone as an access pass
“The system is also equipped with a sensor that notifies you if a door is not closed properly. This notification is sent directly to the Security department from the iProtect Security Management software and these notifications are also logged there. Our goal is that an alarm goes off as soon as this notification is sent, allowing us to respond quickly and specifically to safety situations. Furthermore, we would like to gain access by using our mobile phone instead of a tag. TKH Security is working on this new feature as we speak and it’s expected to be ready this year. A very desirable feature, especially with regard to cooperation with our suppliers.

The delivery and installation of the access control system went smoothly thanks to the sound cooperation between all parties. We are satisfied with both the process and the result of this project.”

- Sirius iX30 card reader
- Pluto network controller
- Orion door controller

- iProtect

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