Delft University of Technology

All faculties of the university have their own iProtect and VDG Sense server
Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)

Controlling the campus

TU Delft offers various programs for education and research. This is done at a variety of faculties. Since establishing the university, the number of faculties has increased gradually. By 1998, the university had sixteen faculties. Budget cuts and restructuring in subsequent years, however, have caused this number to drop drastically. Nowadays, TU Delft has eight faculties that offer a total of 15 Bachelor's programs and 39 Master's programs. All the programs are inclined towards technology.


TU Delft is a long-standing client of TKH Secuirty. All faculties have their own iProtect system and VDG Sense server. In total, there are 10 iProtect Security Management Systems and 9 VDG Sense Video Management Systems. In addition, various locations have been equipped with Commend Intercom Systems. iProtect is connected via a synchronization server to TU Delft's card management system. Also, several intrusion detection systems have been integrated within iProtect.

TU Delft has concluded a maintenance contract with TKH Security which incorporates the central iProtect unit and the Sense Video Management System. With the exception of a number of systems in the Data Centre, everything operates virtualized.