Dutch Epilepsy Center SEIN

Implement a video observation system to monitor patients and improve the diagnosis and treatment of people suffering from (epileptic) seizures
The Netherlands
Stichting Epilepsie Instellingen Nederland (SEIN)

Since April 26, 2012, doctors at SEIN [the Dutch center for epilepsy] are better able to diagnose and consequently treat people suffering from epileptic and non-epileptic seizures. Specialists at SEIN worked together in a unique collaboration with security companies [Flexposure and Ajax Chubb Varel] to set up a video surveillance system, known as the SEIN Observation System (SOS). By continuously monitoring patients, experts can detect sudden and sometimes very subtle behavioral changes that occur prior to a seizure.

Technology improving treatment

The necessity of surveillance for security purposes speaks for itself, but the use of this technology to enhance medical care might come as a surprise to some. Upon a closer look, it quickly becomes clear that video networking can provide a meaningful contribution to healthcare.

SOS includes everything that a typical video network system does. Its 85 cameras provide oversight of every single area in the SEIN clinic in Zwolle, The Netherlands. All of these cameras stream image material twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week, to the FlinQ centralized management system, which facilitates around-the-clock recording capability.

The ease of insightful evalution

This integrated system was customized specifically for the SEIN facility, and it took into account what doctors need to evaluate a patient’s symptoms. Using touch-screen monitors, medical professionals can simultaneously observe up to 50 patients live, as well as immediately retrieve and play back recordings for further assessment. Doctors can directly pull up a medical record and take notes whilst observing an incident. Ultimately, the intuitive FlinQ interface together with this streamlined system expedites a diagnosis and the start of an effective treatment program. It also reduces the amount of time patients need to remain in the clinic.

A successful remedy

SOS has proved to be a success in every aspect. Users enjoy an intuitive and efficient system, and patients benefit from better treatment. As a result, SEIN continued to work with Flexposure and Ajax Chubb Varel. SOS and FlinQ are now installed in the SEIN clinics for children and mentally handicapped persons.