Elkerliek Hospital

Create a user interface to facilitate the remote management and security of Elkerliek Hospital from a central control room
The Netherlands
Elkerliek Hospital
FlinQ software interface

Elkerliek Hospital staff want to offer the best care possible. They work with modern medical equipment and are constantly updating their knowledge, their buildings and premises conform the requirements of our time.

Centralized security

An important aspect of ensuring quality and consistent care is maintaining a safe and secure facility. In addition to its wireless and medical networks, Elkerliek secures its premises from a single location.

From the central control room, security staff can keep a total overview of the hospital through the FlinQ software interface from TKH Security Solutions. The interface is completely integrated with the parking management and access control systems.

Elkerliek hospital has seven work stations from which security personnel can supervise 150 cameras, 50 intercoms, 130 access control readers and the parking system. The FlinQ user interface provides security officers with a complete history of each individual entrance badge ID.

In the parking lot, license plates are identified and documented using automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology, and the details are printed on the parking pass when a vehicle enters the premises. The compiled information shows who entered the hospital and when, and if that person paid the parking fee, etc. All these actions are combined with recorded camera footage, ultimately ensuring a complete file on a person’s visit to Elkerliek.

A practical solution at hand

In order to effectively manage the hospital and its networks, Elkerliek needed to centralize its systems. The hospital therefore commissioned TKH Security Solutions to tailor its FlinQ software interface to allow operators to control all the separate systems from one single point, thereby optimizing their staff to do more with less. Ultimately, the centralization of the hospital’s various networks guarantees the safety of its patients and staff as well as the best medical care possible. It is also a perfect example of system integration.