Hotel Kuwait Hyatt Regency in the Al Kout Mall

TKH Security provided the Kuwait Hyatt Regency hotel with VDG Sense video management software and iProtect Security.
Hotel Kuwait Hyatt Regency in the Al Kout Mall
Delite Engineering Center

About the hotel Kuwait Hyatt Regency

About a year ago, Kuwait’s largest mall – the Al Kout Mall – opened its doors and so became Kuwait’s “largest waterfront retail and leisure center,” as it proudly reads on their website. The Al Kout boasts 6 luxurious experiences; a mall, a souk, a marina, a fisherman’s wharf, a boardwalk and a 5-star hotel, the Kuwait Hyatt Regency. For a large-scale project regarding the video security of this hotel, TKH Security’s partner, Delite Engineering Center, realized a fully integrated security solution. The project features cameras from Siqura, and access control and video management through an iProtect Security by TKH Security. The project is scheduled to be completed by mid-October 2019.


About Technology

As mentioned, the Kuwait Hyatt Regency hotel is part of the Al Kout Mall. Delite Engineering Center has equipped the Al Kout Mall itself with security technology in the form of 1,500 cameras, 250 access doors and 500 monitored doors with all the accompanying hardware and software. The hotel required a completely new solution for the additional video surveillance of the 350 Siqura cameras they installed and an access control solution for the 300 monitored doors and 120 Sirius card reader access controlled doors that are part of the hotel’s security infrastructure.

“The last three big projects we have implemented were all supplied with TKH Security’s technology. However, this is our first joint project in the hospitality industry in Kuwait. And we have high expectations of securing more similar projects in the near future across the Gulf region.”Ibrahim Matkawala, Business Development Manager with Delite Engineering Center

About the solution

To survey all 350 Siqura cameras, TKH Security provided the Kuwait Hyatt Regency hotel with the proven VDG Sense video management software, operated from an internal control room in the hotel. In order to secure and survey the monitored and swipe-card doors, TKH Security installed iProtect. It acts as a security management system for access control, CCTV and intruder alarm systems in this project. In addition to access control doors, all the cameras can also be monitored and controlled from a single Graphic User Interface (GUI), which is iProtect in this case. It also includes the ID card-badging module, so the user card can be printed from the same database as the access cards, which is very convenient. Finally, a number of keymaps allow for the creation of icons of readers, door sensors, cameras etc., giving the operator full view and control of the security system of the hotel in one screen.


Hardware & software