Hotel Okura Amsterdam

Hotel Okura offers a five-star experience for their guests. Only a five-star video security system could provide the safety and security for their guests and staff.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Okura Hotel Amsterdam

Since 2000, TKH Security B.V. has been the provider of the video security system of Hotel Okura in Amsterdam. This famous hotel has been a leading example for the hotel industry for over 40 years, with outstanding accommodation, exquisite culinary restaurants and top-level service. Besides accommodating guests, the 23-story hotel houses many exclusive conference rooms and a breathtaking panoramic view over the Dutch capital city.

The video security system helps to ensure the safety of their guests and personnel. The hotel is fitted with close to one hundred different cameras, each overseeing the public areas. The first implemented video system was an analogue system, with various PTZ cameras and a central view and control point in the security office. Nowadays, the video security system of the hotel is expanded with many IP cameras, all connected to the video management software of VDG. The old analogue system still works and is seamlessly integrated in the new IP-based security system.


“Our expectations of the system and service are high, just as our guests have high expectations of us. VDG has a very good understanding of what service truly means, providing tailor made solutions to our requests within very short notice. ”Tanco van Zijl, Chief Security at Hotel Okura Amsterdam

One of the key features of the video management system that Okura is very pleased with, is the easy to understand user interface. Personnel can be taught to work with the system within minutes. Besides this, the hotel praises the high quality images. It makes it easier to identify situations and distinguish details when needed.

The system is set up to the specific wishes of Hotel Okura. Some cameras are required by law to store the images over a long period of time, while other images require a higher detailed image for better viewing.

More than just security

Hotel Okura is well known for their outstanding service. The video surveillance system helps them provide an even better service to their guests, with surprising results. For instance, at the entrance of the hotel, a camera registers the license plates which enter the premises. When a VIP or frequent guest arrives, the license plate is recognized with CarR and the gate automatically opens, giving their special guests a 'welcome back' feeling. And the same license plate detection is used to trace back a specific taxi if a guest forgot their coat or bag, by looking up the license plate and  contacting the taxi service, ensuring a quick return of the guests' personal belongings. Hotel Okura continues to look for new ways to exceed their customers' expectations in high service, and TKH Security is happy to be able to supply them with the tools necessary to do so.