KPN Datacenters

The datacenters of KPN are highly secured buildings, inside and out. TKH Security is supplier of the video security system.
Aalsmeer, The Netherlands

KPN is a leading Dutch provider of ICT services, from mobile telephony to corporate IT solutions. They also provide their corporate clients full service datacentres, where they provide services as hosting, housing, storage and backup. The datacentres are highly secured buildings, with the video security systems provided by VDG. The KPN datacentres in The Netherlands are located in various locations in throughout country. Even though there is no direct need to have a datacentre nearby, most of their customers prefer to have their data stored in a datacentre not too far away. KPN has nine datacentres in The Netherlands, the seven largest are fitted with a video surveillance system of VDG.


  • 1000 cameras
  • Multi-site with one central control room and local clients
  • Multicasting and Dual Streaming
  • Custom failover solutions
  • Motion detected recording

Multi-site with centralized control

The main demand was that the video surveillance of all datacentres should be able to be viewed and controlled from one central control room on a remote location, together with local viewing at the receptions of each datacentre. The seven datacentres each contain ten VDG servers for storage and control of the video data. The datacentres and control room are connected to a closed video network. At the central control room, the video streams are displayed on a video wall. The reception desks at each location have clients with four displays, giving the security an overview of the entire building, inside and out. With intelligence and macros, the system automatically choses which video channels are to be displayed and when action is required.

Security and service improved with CarR

License plate recognition through CarR is also installed at one of the locations. Every visitor to that KPN datacentre has to register when they arrive. Gates and fences lock down the premise around the building. When a visitor arrives, he firsts reports at the gate. Here, the license plate of the visitor’s car is scanned and if unknown, the intercom is switched on to validate the visitor’s identity. If the license plate is found in the database, the gate automatically opens, after which the visitor must still report at the main desk. With this simple solution, high service is provided for regular visitors, personnel and existing customers. On the other hand it provides a system that can add the information of the license plate and exact time of entry to each visitor’s registration.

Solutions for high security demands

The security doesn’t stop at the entrance. Every hallway, corridor, server room, or ‘suites’ as KPN prefers to call them, is overseen with cameras, covering every inch of the building. Motion detected recording is essential for these rooms, since there is usually little to no motion. Without motion detected recording, a much larger storage capacity for video data would be needed, or a much shorter period of video data would be able to be stored. Another important demand was to ensure uniformity and stability, in technical terms. Redundancy is of key importance in these datacentres, ensuring their customers continuity without any hiccups. These demands to their own products, are also required for 3rd parties such as VDG. The servers on each location have redundant setups so that if there would be a problem with one of the servers, the others instantly take over the function of that server to ensure continuous operation of the video surveillance system.

Certified to the highest level

The KPN datacentres are certified to meet the highest security standards of ISO27001. VDG is proud to be able to comply to these standards, and to have been selected as provider of the video surveillance solutions.