Kyocera Stadium (ADO Den Haag)

The Kyocera stadium of ADO Den Haag is now one of the safest stadiums in Europe, thanks to the video security solutions of VDG.
Den Haag, The Netherlands
Ado Den Haag

Every year, thousands of spectators flock to sports matches hosted by the historical Dutch football club ADO Den Haag. With large and lively crowds gathering in the Kyocera Stadium, fit to hold 15,000 people, ADO Den Haag takes the security of its stadium seriously to protect the fans and other visitors. The high-tech and intelligent security system of the Kyocera Stadium is capable of verifying the identity of attendees as well as centralizing security management.

Improving safety by secure admissions

ADO Den Haag club cards include an RFID chip for contactless access, so card holders can enter the stadium without further ado. Cameras at the entrances of the stadium use FaceR, VDG's facial recognition algorithm, to scan the faces of everyone who enters the facility.

The scanned face is then matched to the visitor's club card to verify if the same person is entering the stadium as stored in the database. This makes life easy for regular sports fans while improving the overall efficiency and safety of the admissions procedure. It also guarantees that club cards can’t be passed around to unaffiliated persons. If a face and a card don’t match up, the card is checked manually by the security guard at that particular entrance.

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On Tuesday February 3rd, Peter Berg of ADO Den Haag and Timme Grijpink of TKH Security have signed an agreement that connects the two parties for the next five years, and ensures the highest level of video security to the football team’s home stadium.

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Black lists and preventing unwanted access

ADO Den Haag has worked hard to provide a safe and relaxed environment for football fans, having had problems in the past with trouble makers spoiling an event for the majority of the spectators. Therefore, ADO Den Haag makes use of a relational database to compare the faces of both club card and ticket holders with those on a black list, a selection of people who are banned from visiting ADO Den Haag events.

With the intelligent facial recognition system scanning the face of each person who visits an event, it can store the information for future use as well. This means that if there is a problem at a game, the responsible people are held accountable for their actions and prohibited from returning to future visits toe the Kyocera stadium.

Easy overview for security and safety personnel

With over one hundred cameras installed around the premises, security personnel, police, the fire department, and emergency medical workers can effectively monitor the safety of an event from a central control room. Operators can view live and recorded video as well as control PTZ dome cameras through the VDG Sense workstations.

Each workstation's layout contains a map panel to give security personnel an overview of the stadium and where specific devices are installed. VDG Sense's custom layouts enable operators to supervise the total situation from the workstations and easily assign specific camera scenes to a video wall for general inspection when necessary. Security staff can then assess incidents as they arise or during a forensic investigation afterwards, and take the appropriate action as needed.

A perfect fit

The ADO Den Haag management knows that securing a facility requires more than just selecting the right components. The success of security ultimately depends on having reliable solutions from partners you can count on.

That is why ADO Den Haag decided to work with TKH Security to implement VDG Sense for video management. TKH Security and ADO Den Haag carefully designed and configured the system to conform to the specific project requirements. This made it possible to select precisely the features that were needed to guarantee a safe and successful future for this legendary Dutch football club.