Maastricht Courthouse

Customize a user-interface to manage and centralize a mission-critical integrated security system
Maastricht Courthouse

A challenging environment

The Maastricht Courthouse is one of the larger legal institutions in The Netherlands, retaining eighty judges and 265 employees in addition to the daily flux of visitors. Against this vibrant background, safety and security stand out as absolute musts. That’s why the Maastricht Courthouse decided it was time to upgrade its outdated security system with a centralized and intelligent IP solution.

After having had a few bad experiences courthouse authorities were adamant about one thing: they did not want to rely on a single manufacturer for the installation and maintenance of the system. They outsourced the search for a new system and hired the TES Group as the main contractor. This electrical engineering company selected the necessary equipment to set up an IP-based system with intercom communication, access control, video surveillance and paging capability.

A courthouse is no ordinary building and the demands on the security system are extremely high. It needs to effectively protect people and confidential documents. The system therefore has to incorporate all the necessary components into a centralized and easy-to-use system. TES Group chose Flexposure, a developer of flexible software, to create a customized user interface to centralize the system.

User-friendly operation

Flexposure customized its FlinQ GUI solution to ensure the Maastricht Courthouse to successfully supervise the safety of their facilities. Since FlinQ is based on open standards, it is easy to integrate into various types of networks integrating diverse devices. The FlinQ software was thouroughly tested and it now runs on three workstations. Users can access the system via mobile devices, allowing personnel to maintain the safety of the premises from any location.

The project was implemented in the course of eleven months; with team members working around the clock to deliver the system on time. “Flexposure has clear and effective lines of communication and it is easy to get things done”, said Pie Jongen, Project Manager at the Maastricht Courthouse. “No elaborate training program or manual is needed to operate the system since the visuals are clear and recognizable. All in all, the Maastricht Courthouse is really happy with Flexposure and FlinQ.”

Effective safety and security

Due to the highly challenging environment and the demands inherent in securing a busy legal institution, the security system at the Maastricht Courthouse is covered by a full service level agreement. This guarantees the availability of the system and ensures maintenance is carried out to prevent any potential breakdowns. The Maastricht Courthouse is manned 24/7 by security personnel who have a direct line of support should an incident occur. Using FlinQ from various locations, operators can effectively supervise the facility and appropriately react to events and triggered alarms as necessary. As a result, despite the complex needs of a security system in a challenging environment, the user interface is still easy to manage.