Meander Medical Centre

For Meander Medical Centre Amersfoort it is of vital importance that security is organised as efficiently as possible
Meander Medical Centre

A great combination of Access Control and Video Management


On the one hand there must be a maximum amount of care for patients, and on the other hand the patients must feel safe in the hospital. Despite the hospital having the latest technical gadgets, improvements can still be rea- lised in the security system. When building the hospital in 2013, the decision was taken to implement the iProtect Security Management System.

What choices has the hospital made?

For Meander Medical Centre Amersfoort it is of vital importance that security is organised as efficiently as possible. That means that important areas must be monitored and the need to communicate is vital. That is why the hospital has opted for the following components. iProtect Security Management System with:

  • Access Control - 250 Sirius card readers
  • 50 Sallis wireless door fittings
  • VDG Sense Video Management comprising 30 fixed Dome cameras and 20 PTZ cameras
  • 20 Intercom terminals, of which 5 intercom terminals have video
  • A Galaxy Intrusion System
  • A Parking Management System, including entry and
  • exit terminals, payment terminals and card printing.

Access Control

The iProtect Security Management System forms the basis for the overall security plan of the hospital. In combination with Access Control, access can be granted to people who are authorized for that purpose and access can be refused to unauthorized persons. For example, a doctor is permitted in the OR, but visitors are not. By making use of the Sallis wireless door fitting, no cabling is needed. By presenting a tag or pass, the Sallis slot reads whether a person can have access to an area or not. No pass automatically means no access. In combination with the Intrusion System, a code can be placed in the card readers, which is an additional safeguard. This is often done in areas where medicines or patient files are stored.

Always in control

The reception area is the central point of the hospital. It is from that point that the web-based iProtect Security Management System is operated. By using the VDG Sense Video Management System, a complete picture of the hospital can be created on various screens. This system is connected to the various cameras in and around the hospital. The 30 fixed Dome cameras detect movements and, where necessary, follow the movements. The Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras also detect movements, but these also zoom in, which creates an even clearer picture of the area. In this way both the locked areas and the parking lot can be fully monitored and managed.

Always being able to communicate everywhere

By means of the intercom, verbal communication can take place between two or several people. When there are problems with the entry and exit terminals or payment terminals, assistance can be provided using the intercom. For an intercom call the correct IP camera is automatically activated and images are shown directly on the monitor. In this way the person manning the reception desk can address any visitor in a personal manner and answer questions appropriately. The intercom is also an added value for the operating room, especially because one can communicate in a hands-free manner with people outside the OR, and additionally, special self sterilizing intercom terminals are installed here.