Municipality of Rotterdam

TKH Security offers technical solutions for parking garages in the municipality of Rotterdam
Municipality of Rotterdam

About the municipality of Rotterdam

With over 650,000 inhabitants, the municipality of Rotterdam is the second-largest municipality of the Netherlands. Under its management are 54 parking garages, which are managed through one central control room by means of a security management system created by TKH Security, called FlinQ. The FlinQ platform ensures that it is possible to manage and control more parking garages with fewer people, without compromising the quality of customer services.


Awarded the tender because of the best fit

This centralization is the result of a tender announced by the municipality in 2013 and awarded to TKH Security at the time. Of particular interest in the tender specifications were the intended transition from manned to unmanned public parking garages and the central monitoring of these. In this article, the project lead of the municipality talks about this tender and its further elaboration. Willem de Winter is Project Manager at the Municipality of Rotterdam and has dealt with the migration of the 54 parking garages to the FlinQ platform of TKH Security.
“To prepare for this tender, we conducted extensive preliminary research. As it progressed, the municipality drafted a concept for the desired situation. At the same time, we looked at which parties in the market were capable of delivering a corresponding solution. TKH Security was awarded the tender because FlinQ met our needs and they charged a realistic fee.

“Clear insight into data enables us to offer faster and better solutions for problems at parking garages in Rotterdam”Willem de Winter, Project Manager at the Municipality of Rotterdam

Data integration

Elaborating, De Winter says, “In the course of 2014, all 54 parking garages were connected to the FlinQ software. The 30 private parking garages were provided with an intercom and fault transmitter, and the 24 public parking garages were fitted with full FlinQ functionality, including parking video management, cameras, fault transmitters and intercoms. The complete solution offered by TKH Security ensures that the data of these 54 garages can be bundled and displayed clearly on one dashboard. In practice, this means that we have 24/7 insight into what takes place in the garages and can anticipate and respond as required.


Central insight into challenges and solutions

The Municipality of Rotterdam is very satisfied. “The system works as required, exactly as we had envisioned it. It is easy to manage and all data is logged. If I had to rate the services and solutions delivered by TKH Security, I would certainly give it an 8. In addition to the fact that we can control everything remotely 24/7, we also collect data about the performance of the system. For instance, we have insight into the number of intercom calls: “Where do most of the intercom calls come from?” and “How often do they take place?” Thanks to this information, we can find out more quickly what is happening at a garage and what is needed to expedite the resolution of the issue. As everything is logged, everyone with access has insight into the system and with that into the associated challenges and solutions. This has yielded considerable efficiency gains. At one of our P&R locations, for instance, we received many complaints about the public transport (OV) chip card. The combination of parking and subsequent travel to the city center by public transport was not working satisfactorily. The OV chip card was not recognized by the payment system, which made ‘inexpensive parking’ anything but.”

Customized solutions

“Since these types of complaints are now bundled, logged and made visible on our dashboard, we can properly analyze them and come up with customized solutions. And that’s exactly what is happening right now. In this way, we contribute to improved customer operations and end-user satisfaction. In conclusion, one last added advantage: at our request, TKH Security provides remote support in case of any questions or issues.”