Considering the desired integration of a large number of disciplines within one system, choosing iProtect was the only correct choice. The intelligent iProtect security management system integrates, video management, access control, intrusion detection, parking management, intercom and the visitors register within the NOS environment.

iProtect applied

Modern access control with 400 Sirius card readers. The visitors are automatically logged off and the card gets disconnected by means of a visitors column with integrated card reader. Therefore the cards can immediately be re-used for new visitors. An IP based camera observation and registration system ensures that continuous surveillance camera images are displayed and that access can also be granted based on these images. The total of 160 cameras and 7 video servers are controlled from iProtect. The camera images can be viewed via multiple working areas. iProtect regulates the parking management of five different parking areas, of which 1 with a barcode exit card. For this parking area the visitor is charged for parking.

Intrusion detection is fully integrated in this total solution. In this way there are 500 intrusion detectors that report sightings. Video verification of the intrusion detectors prevents false alarms. The NOS/NPO security solution includes 7 intrusion control panels of Galaxy and ATS. Finally, intercom (45 intercom posts by Commend) also makes part of the security system. The correct camera images are switched on and controlled by intercom call via iProtect. Several intercom posts are equipped with an integrated camera.

Optimal dependability

It is important that the system is maintained well after handover. The annual maintenance contract for both hardware and software ensures a reliable, well-functioning system. To continue to meet the requirements the system has been extended to all disciplines. The NOS is therefore, with regard to the security solution, fully taken care of by TKH Security.