Parking Garages Almere

VDG offered a full video security solution, including license plate recognition for easy access and exiting, for five parking garages in the city of Almere.
Almere, The Netherlands
City of Almere
Scanton Parking +

Parking management and security

The city of Almere is one of the youngest, newest and fastest growing cities of The Netherlands. Laying in the heart of the country and in the famous Dutch Polder, the city is located close to Amsterdam with excellent connections. In a relative short period of time, the city has grown to almost 200.000 inhabitants. With VDG’s innovative video security system, our partner Scanton Parking + has been able to provide a total security and parking management solution.


Remote monitoring

The city of Almere has one central monitoring center for their total of 19 parking garages. A main requirement was that the video surveillance of all garages should be able to be viewed and controlled from one central control room on a remote location. The solution provided by TKH Security consists of a remote IP connection, made possible with one server per garage connected to a central control server at the monitoring center.

“The choice for VDG Sense was because its excellent ability for license plate recognition, and because of its simple integration with the other systems used. TKH Security offers quick response with support and provides excellent service.”Mark van Pinxteren, Manager Operations at Scanton Parking Plus

Integration with the Parking Management Software

The parking management software from Flexposure is integrated with VDG Sense to provide the operators with the right images. For instance, when a person in the parking garage uses the intercom to connect with an operator, VDG Sense forwards the camera image to match the audio, so the operator also sees the person using the intercom.

Easy exit made possible by CarR

To make access en exiting more comfortable for the customers, payment is linked to the license plate of the car. CarR license plate recognition in VDG Sense provides this option. The license plate is scanned by a camera when entering the garage and is linked to the ticket or pass of the driver. When the customer wants to leave, a camera at the exit gate scans the license plate again and checks immediately if a payment was made. If so, the gate automatically opens. This means the customer doesn’t have to wait to exit, but can drive out quickly, providing him with more comfort.