Centralization with high level integration of third party systems

About Parkway

Parkway Corporation is a company, owned and operated by a Philadelphia-based family that has embraced the American Dream since 1930. For more than three generations of leadership, Parkway has acquired, developed, managed, sold and leased commercial parking facilities across the United States and Canada.

About Technology

Parkway’s investment in parking technology has been revolutionizing the industry for more than eighty years and continues to do so today. It is their firm belief that technology accelerates and enables industry-leading customer experience and world-class operating success across the Parkway platform.

Parkway is engaged with partners around the world to lead global innovation in the industry that produces better products and experiences locally.

Seemless integration in the customer care center

Although Parkway has been investing in technology for years and years, there still was a lack of centralization. They faced an ever-increasing array of stand-alone highly developed systems, which became tedious and sometimes difficult to operate. A need for centralization and integration was born. That is in short the genesis of the Customer Care Center as it is now.

As Flexposure is leading in integration solutions for Parking, they picked up this challenge, knowing that their tool FlinQ could definitely get this job done. With FlinQ software, Commend Intercom Systems and the knowledge of Flexposure, modules like voice and video were integrated in the 24/7 Customer Care Center. As a result Parkway is now able to help their clients whatever their question is.

Additionally, video monitoring and analytics ensure active contact with the parking environment. Automated systems generate data that can be used for a better operations management. This information is timely and accurate and can also be used for further action.

By using one user-friendly platform for all operations, a considerable reduction of operating expenses (such as payroll) was achieved, rising to 50%. The platform creates scale and stability that makes parking an asset.

Integrated, automatic revenue control, site monitoring and gate management improve the customer experience while delivering up to 15% more revenue.