Perla shoes

VDG has innovative solutions for retailers, from large warehouses to small privately owned shops. Perla Mode shoes in Gouda, The Netherlands, uses VDG’s retail video security solution to protect its inventory and belongings.
Gouda, The Netherlands
Perla Mode

Perla shoes has been in the city center of Gouda for over 35 years. The owner, Ton Oerlemans, grew up in a family where shoes were daily business. His father owned a shoe shop and later he and his brothers took it over. Eventually he decided to start his own store in the center of Gouda and has been there since 1978.

After moving to a new, more prominent location in 2003, a video security system seemed welcome to help protect his inventory and scare off potential thieves. The system of choice came from TKH Security. The client / viewer was placed at his desk on the second floor and from there all angles of the store can be seen on screen.

High quality and user-friendly

The owner is very content with the quality and simplicity of the system. “The screen gives me a complete overview of my store and the images are sharp and crystal clear. It gives me a secure feeling, knowing I can always rely on video data if needed. Luckily, in all these years I have only had two incidents where I have had to look up stored video data. Once in a case of vandalism to my store’s windows, and in the second case after a certain amount of shoes were stolen. At those moments I was happy that the system is user-friendly and the export of the images was very easy. I also think that the video security system might have a deterrent effect, reducing the amount of theft in my store to almost zero in all these years.”

More than just security

Mr. Oerlemans doesn’t only use its video security system for theft prevention or to look up video data if necessary. Whenever he is at his desk, he can keep an eye out in his store downstairs, to see when a customer enters his store. This gives him more flexibility to be able to work at his desk and anticipate on customers in the store at the same time. “It is very nice to always have a view on the customer, even when I am out of sight myself. This enables me to work more efficiently and provide better service.”

TKH Security offers video security solutions for any kind of situation, big or small. The system is flexible and can easily be expanded from a few to a few hundred cameras. Learn more about the solutions and about VDG Sense on the respective pages.