Q-Park Control Room

Create a user interface to facilitate the remote management and customer service of Q-Park facilities from a central control room
The Netherlands

Q-Park is an independent, international parking organization with over 4,500 parking facilities throughout Europe. To increase efficiency and customer satisfaction, Q-Park decided to centralize the management of its parking services.

Meeting customer needs

Q-Park offers 24/7 availability. By connecting international data and the IT infrastructure over a single network, operators at the Q-Park Control Room (QCR) in Maastricht, The Netherlands, can assist customers remotely when the actual parking host is involved in other activities. A direct connection to QCR allows customers to easily ask questions about operational problems or parking products and receive a prompt reply. Ultimately, this setup provides fast and secure service that makes sure customers get the help they need, the moment they need it.

Connecting management services

Since 2002, Q-Park has worked with Flexposure to develop, tailor, and maintain the FlinQ software interface program at QCR. From 32 work stations at QCR, operators monitor camera images from Q-Park locations. Images displayed on a video wall make it possible for operators to view relevant camera scenes while communicating with customers via a high-quality intercom communication system. This centralized network offers an array of benefits, including the reuse of data and technology for various purposes as well as customized assistance, for example, from QCR staff members who speak multiple languages.

Increasing efficiency and visibility

Q-Park’s CRM and accounting systems have also been centralized. This means that Q-Park can now gather data remotely for central processing and analysis. This approach enables the company to work more efficiently and maintain an up-to-date overview of actual sales.

By streamlining the overall system and receiving a user-friendly and efficient interface for operators, Q-Park has been able to enhance the quality of its services while at the same time its response time and customer satisfaction has been improved.