Managing all the critical infrastructure in Coburg, Germany
Coburg, Germany

The company that supports almost all critical infrastructure in the German town of Coburg is the Städtische Werke Überlandwerke GmbH, better known as SÜC. This company ensures that Coburg, situated in the federal state of Bavaria, is supplied with electricity, natural gas, district heating, water and telecommunications. Thanks to SÜC’s system, public swimming pools and public transport can be exploited and operated.

Access control
For the introduction of fiber-optic networks in Coburg, SÜC opted for the total solution ACE, which was developed by sister company TKF. Obviously, protection of the vulnerable PoP sites with multifunctional housing is a necessity. There was a clear need for Access Control. TKF promptly saw this as an ideal role for TKH Security and our Asset & Site Management Solution.

Aside from remote control, the solution also offers monitoring of the location, such as motion detection and monitoring of both temperature and humidity. This was exactly what SÜC needed to secure and efficiently control the extensive fiber-optic network.

In collaboration with TKF, TKH Security has successfully configured the Asset & Site Management Solution in a very short space of time, to the total satisfaction of SÜC. Thanks to TKH Security, SÜC can meet the increasing security requirements for IT networks. Not only today, but also in the future.