TBV Wonen

Innovative video management solutions for housing of students, elderly and in healthcare, in a multi-site environment.
Tilburg, The Netherlands
TBV Wonen

For the housing cooperative TBV Wonen in Tilburg, The Netherlands, TKH Security has provided the video security system for various objects throughout the city.

TBV Wonen is owner of various housing objects and projects throughout the city of Tilburg. They focus on high-quality housing for people with specific needs, such as students, elderly, handicapped or people with other healthcare needs. For four of their latest and newest objects, video security systems of VDG are installed to monitor important public areas in and around these objects. Areas such as the main entrances, parking areas, elevators and other areas where video surveillance can be of use.

At first, the focus was only on the location Talent Square, which houses over 700 international students from the local university. There, 27 cameras monitor the entrances, parking garage, public areas and elevators. After completion of this project, TBV Wonen was very pleased with the result and interested in implementing the same video security system on other locations as well. The main reason for TBV Wonen to install video surveillance is for the protection of people who live in these objects, and to protect their properties.

“Working with VDG was a real pleasure. The design and the implementation of the video security system went really smooth. We are very content with the service VDG delivers and are pleased with the results. The image quality is impressive. ”Martijn in 't Groen, Projectleader at TBV Wonen

Centralized video management for multiple locations

What makes it unique is that the locations of TBV Wonen are all connected through a private fibre-optic network, a so-called fibre- optic ring. All IP services that are in use at the various locations are connected through this network. The network is managed centrally at the Talent Square location by the company TelePlaza. VDG offered an innovative and cost-effective solution to install video surveillance at all four objects, yet managing all video data centrally with VDG Sense at the Talent Square location. Centralizing the servers and video management proved to be a huge advantage for TBV Wonen, minimizing costs, efforts and space required, and optimizing service.

At the Talent Square location, VDG servers and VDG Sense clients are installed. From here, TBV Wonen monitors all locations at the same time, and can act on events if necessary. Local security officers of TalentSquare have their own client to monitor all cameras of that location. At the other locations, the IP cameras are all remotely connected to the central VDG servers through the fibre-optic ring.

Now, the video security systems of VDG runs at four of TBV Wonen’s newest objects. The flexibility of VDG Sense made it easy to be able to meet the customer’s wishes and demands.

Our partner for this project and TKH sister company, Elspec, is specialist on turn-key energy and data infrastructural projects. With their unique future-proof Managed Fiber Solution (MFS) concept they provided a manageble, fast and secure IP communication with a high QoS. This fibre network not only gives the students an superfast symmetric internet connection and digital HD television, but provides TBV wonen with flawless VDG video streams to ensure maximum surveillance.