The Avenues Shopping Mall

The Avenues is considered to be one of the largest malls in the world with more than 800 stores spread over 7 districts. This immense mall and its video security system rely on VDG Sense for its video management.
Kuwait City, Kuwait
M.H. Alshaya Co.

Since it first opened in 2007, The Avenues has grown to become one of the largest malls in the world, with more than 800 stores spread over 7 districts. As The Avenues continued to expand, it became increasingly difficult to keep a firm grip on its analogue CCTV system. Some of its stores worked with stand-alone DVR’s, while others used fiber-optic multiplexers and demultiplexers to transmit video streams to a central control room. Finding a recorded event proved to be difficult. A request was made for a scalable IP-based video surveillance system that would offer high-quality images and was easy to manage.

A complete solution

Every aspect of their request was put into a video security solution focussed on the safety of the mall's visitors and the usability of the system for the end-user. The solution consists of over 200 fixed-dome and box cameras, 50 PTZ dome cameras, 6 storage servers and 8 workstations. All are connected with the central control room, giving the security managers a complete overview of the video streams. Events are stored and can be traced in a matter of seconds.

Efficient video management

Thanks to VDG Sense, usability has been greatly enhanced. Through our intelligent event driven macros, the system makes the large amount of video channels easily manageable. Our custom layouts give the operators a fully personalised user interface that helps them work faster and more efficiently.