Tram Depot Franowo

The tram depot in Poznán, Poland, is one of Europe's largest and most modern depots. The vast size of this project means that video security provides crucial support to manage the safety at the depot.
Poznán, Poland
MPK Poznán
C&C Partners Telecom

The Poznan Tram Depot is one of Europe's largest and modern depots, covering an area of over 17 hectares and fully automated. On the appoxomately 13 kilometers of track, over one hundred trams can be arranged, with expansions planned to arrange up to 150 trams.


To create an automated tram depot on such a schale, the main challenge was to ensure safety, reliability and self-management. The concept of the largest and most modern tram depot of Europe therefore started out with the design of an intelligent depot management system (DMS). This system ensures fully automated control of the trams and relies heavily on data of integrated third party management and security systems, such as VDG Sense and over 125 cameras, many PTZ. With this DMS, data of the trams is continuously screened to make sure that all trams run on time.

Integrations and remote management solution

At the depot, VDG's security solution is integrated in the total depot management system to interact with all other security elements. These include: iProtect, Commend Intercom and even their own custom built perimiter intrusion detection system. The integrations are all made possible through VDG's open platform and VDG Sense's unique event driven macros.

A remote connection is made with a client station at the other side of the city. Here, the security manager has access to all images from VDG Sense, so he can act and control the various elements of the depot's security system.