H. Reyman’s Municipal Stadium

H. Reyman's Municipal Stadium is a modern football stadium in Kraków, Poland, meeting the strict regulations and requirements of the Polish security law.
Kraków, Poland
2010 - 2012
H. Reyman's Municipal Stadium
C&C Partners Telecom

Stadiums have been home for sport events, to concerts and other cultural events since ancient history, with mass crowds cheering on the players and participating in these events. Although the main function of these objects has not practically changed, the functional and utility requirements, as well as legal requirements of modern buildings continue to grow .The modern stadium located on Reymonta Street in Cracow is one that meets all of these requirements. Home to the foortball team Wisla Krakow, the facility can accommodate more than 33 thousand spectators during various matches and other mass events. Enhanced with modern technical security systems, the stadium meets the legal requirements set out in the Polish law on security.

Innovative solutions to new requirements

On March 20, 2009, a new law on security during mass events was passed in Poland, setting out legal requirements on modern technical security systems at locations where mass events (such as sports events and concerts) could be held. Image recording was made mandatory, especially in the sectors of participants and the playing pitch or scene, resulting in the fact that the stadium in Cracow required almost complete replacement of their outdated monitoring system. Moreover, to meet the high legal requirements regarding the image quality in certain areas, the standard resolution cameras, including analog cameras, had to be replaced with digital ones.

Featured elements

  • Synchronized video / audio recording
  • Fully customized layouts and floorplans
  • Multi server, multi client

The new law also enforced observation of the whole playing field, yet not one camera could be mounted on the field itself of course. The market lacked a ready recipe for such problems. Therefore, a solution which met legal, functional and utility requirements was necessary. C&C Partners Telecom Sp. z o.o. provided an appropriate solution to H. Reyman's Municipal Stadium. The company offered a video surveillance system of TKH Security, including both cameras and active solutions. Every detail of the new installation has gotten full attention. The implemented CCTV IP system, based on a VDG Sense platform meets all the safety requirements. Another very important element was to provide user-friendly views, where the operator would be able to explore the system's resources from a distance. VDG implemented this solution, made possible through the implementation of a very intuitive object map combined with personalized functional buttons.

“The cooperation between TKH Security and C&C Partners started in 2010. At that time, C&C was involved in a lot of interesting projects connected to the UEFA Euro 2012. But we were missing an advanced video management system, which could fulfill the market and legal requirements. Thanks to the great support from VDG, we have been able to participate in a majority of key Polish investments. VDG’s system is competitive and suited to the market requirements. VDG, as software developer, is very open for new ideas and challenging projects, that has made our cooperation very successful over the years.”ARTUR HEJDYSZ, OPERATIONAL DIRECTOR AT C&C PARTNERS

Attention to detail

During the designing process of a dedicated network for the CCTV IP system, special attention was paid to the location of viewing desks, since the demand on bandwidth is much higher. After a thorough analysis there was decided to build a backbone network with 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology. As a result, just short of 500 cameras and 7 viewing desks, with 18 recording servers have been operating with a safe margin of capacity, eliminating so-called bottlenecks. And if necessary, any number of cameras or viewing desks can be increased without any problems.

The final result is the implementation of a solution which has great functionality and flexibility, while offering a clear user-friendly experience for the operators. Both the investor and security provider are very satisfied with the implemented system. The dedicated network for security systems built on the basis of Edge-Core devices with the VDG Sense platform noticeably improved the level of security at the stadium. All sports fans attending the matches of Wisla Krakow, as well as other mass events, can now feel safe and secure, thanks to the efforts of C&C Partners and TKH Security.