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Migrating your video surveillance system from analog to IP

October 26, 2015

Switching to an IP-based video surveillance system can be done easier and with lower costs than you might expect. Read about it in our latest blog.

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6 examples of the added value of a video security system

September 25, 2015

Video security systems can add huge value to your business. Discover 6 examples of the added value of a video security system that go beyond security alone.

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4 Applications of a 360º fisheye camera in video security

September 7, 2015

Traditional cameras have one intrinsic flaw: the blind spot. Find out about four possible applications on how a 360º fisheye camera in video security solves this issue.

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Featured: Perimeter Intrusion Detection

June 3, 2015

There are many high level security and surveillance situations that require continuous perimeter observation. For these situations we offer ObjectR Advanced - Perimeter Intrusion Detection.

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Redundant solutions: Failover server

May 11, 2015

System failure is not an option when your safety depends on it. VDG has the solution to prevent loss of video data and ensure redundancy, with its failover server add-on.

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Two-step verification

March 30, 2015

Two-step verification is now available for our web platform. With verification in two steps, you protect your VDG account with your password, as well as with your phone.

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Leap seconds and the effect on VDG Sense

January 21, 2015

Leap seconds affect the storage of video data in VDG Sense. VDG Sense uses Meinberg NTP software to correct the effect of leap seconds.

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