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TKH Security introduces TKH Fusion

April 30, 2020

TKH Security and Siqura are proud to introduce a camera that can help detect raised temperatures. TKH Fusion is a raised temperature detection kit which can measure from a distance if a person has a higher than normal body temperature. TKH Fusion consists of a dual spectrum smart IP-camera and a blackbody. The dual spectrum […]

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Hi-Tech facial recognition thanks to BioSurveillance and VDG Sense interface

March 24, 2020

Market leader in the field of facial recognition, Herta Security, has entered into a strategic partnership with TKH Security B.V. The smooth interface between the two technology systems of these companies, BioSurveillance and VDG Sense, offers users a higher level of security. Maarten van der Heijden, Product Manager at TKH Security, discusses the importance of this joint venture:  “We […]

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Integrating Tattile’s security cameras with VDG Sense video management system

August 27, 2019

TKH Security’s research & development office is in the process of integrating the highly specialized ANPR/LPR cameras of its Italian sister company Tattile with its VDG Sense video management system. Head of R&D Wilco Gorthuis and product owner Maarten van der Heijden explain how. “Of course, we have a wide range of experience with integrating […]

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New 12MP fisheye camera

July 21, 2017

TKH Security now offers a 12-megapixel fisheye camera. The NVC-1312 is a surveillance solution featuring 360° wide coverage without any blind spots. It supports resolution up to 12mp at 20 fps, and therefore allows videos to be viewed smoothly, while quad streams codec (H.264 Baseline / Main / High Profile + MJPEG) offers supreme image […]

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ObjectR Basic Exchange Program

June 8, 2017

From VDG Sense version 2.5 onwards ObjectR Basic will no longer be available. All customers that have ObjectR Basic video channel licenses (SP-ORB) and a valid Software Upgrade Plan (SUP) to upgrade to version 2.5, are entitled for the ObjectR 2017 exchange program. This means that with the upgrade to VDG Sense 2.5, the ObjectR […]

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New products available

June 22, 2016

From July 1st, our product portfolio will be expanded with new cameras, renewed clients and more.

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