C&C Partners: TKH Group’s effective presence in Poland

News - August 2, 2019

“Poland has one of the strongest indoor motor speedway leagues in the world. We have supplied the major stadiums with TKH Security’s security solutions for video management and access control”

C&C Partners is a TKH Group company (since 1997) with headquarters and subsidiaries in Poland. It is an established and strong player on the Polish market for security, structural cabling and related telecom solutions. C&C Partners implements TKH Security’s video management system VDG Sense and access control system iProtect, as well as Siqura’s cameras and other TKH Group hardware and software in a wide range of projects. Video systems product manager Tomasz Smoczyk reflects on his experience in various markets in Poland.

TKH in Poland: working in all markets
Is there a market in which C&C Partners / TKH Group is not present? Tomasz Smoczyk: “Since 2005, after the implementation of the security-related solutions in the C&C portfolio, C&C Partners has worked in all markets that need these kinds of solutions. We have a strong position in a broad range of sectors, such as the prison system, the Polish armed forces, office buildings, hospitals, traffic, city surveillance and railway infrastructure.”

Football and speedway stadiums
“Major projects worth mentioning are our security solutions in soccer and speedway stadiums. We were awarded the assignment to equip the Poznan football stadium with cameras and a video management system (VMS) for added security in preparation for the EURO 2012 Championship. This was one of the very first systems of its kind in Poland. Since then, new laws and regulations have compelled both public and private sectors to further invest in video surveillance systems at this type of facility. The stadium’s access control and video management systems have therefore recently been upgraded and expanded to a total of 250 state-of-the-art Siqura cameras.” C&C Partners has also supplied the football stadiums of Krakow and Wroclaw with similar technology. “Poland has one of the strongest indoor motor speedway leagues in the world. We have supplied the major stadiums with TKH Security’s security solutions for video management and access control.”

Enhanced safety and security for airports
“New, higher standards for airport security were introduced three years ago. As a result, C&C Partners updated and expanded the airport security systems at Warsaw and Poznan. These systems include, for example, airport perimeter protection and access control for restricted areas.”

Key player in the judicial prison system
“The Polish government maintains around 200 prisons, around 120 of which use TKH Group technology provided by C&C Partners. Of course, we are looking to expand further in this market as well.”

A safer railway infrastructure
“Over the years, C&C Partners has acquired all relevant certifications for various Polish markets, including certification for the railway infrastructure. We are in the process of supplying the Polish railways with a complete solution for enhanced platform safety. When a person is detected on the tracks, an approaching train can be warned and stopped in time. A left-luggage detection facility is also included in this TKH Security solution.”

C&C Partners / TKH Group: at the top of the game
In conclusion, Tomasz Smoczyk says, “We are doing well in Poland, often beating larger and more prestigious players. Because we are smaller, we are more flexible, and that is what clients want. I am convinced that the impressive functionality of our systems, the fact that we can deliver complete solutions, and our price-quality ratio will keep us competitive so that we can win even more projects in the years to come.”