Discover VDG Sense at the TKH Experience Center

News - December 4, 2014

In the TKH Experience Center in Amsterdam, TKH’s core technologies Vision, Communications and Connectivity come together in the form of innovative total solutions. The Experience Center offers four replicated situations where the TKH Security Solutions for these four vertical markets are demonstrated. VDG Sense plays a central role in the experience center.

At the Parking division, TKH Security develops and produces innovative parking systems. In this replicated parking garage, VDG Sense is configured towards the surveillance of parking places, with integrated access control, intercom and CarR license plate recognition.







Using a combination of electrical engineering and IT, TKH Security offers intelligent solutions for surveillance, monitoring, visual communications and social alerting for heathcare. The integration of iProtect with VDG Sense is displayed to demonstrate the possibilities and solutions available.







The integrated video, intercom, public address and camera systems, as well as a fire-safety connectivity system are displayed in the Tunnel section, with VDG Sense as central controlling system.

TEC 11 TEC 12






Marine, Oil & Gas
TKH provides innovative and fire-safe connectivity systems as well as integrated security and communications systems for applications on ships and rigs. Many solutions are geared towards efficiency with a promising return on investment for the client. Various emergency scenarios can be demonstrated, such as a perimeter detection and a gas leak. The installed video security system is controlled through VDG Sense, with ObjectR intelligence demonstrated.

TKHECmarine2 TEC 2






We invite you to visit the TKH Experience Center together with one of our account managers for a full demonstration. Contact us to make a reservation.