About DIVA

What is DIVA?

DIVA is our former trademark, which we used to brand our video management software and other VDG products. With the launch of our new trademark, VDG Sense, we have rebranded the software to VDG Sense and promote it as such from September 15, 2014. Other products, such as our servers, are available under the label VDG.

Why do I still see DIVA mentioned in the software?

You will still find the name DIVA in our download section (for software versions 2.3 and lower), in the API section and in former news items. This is something we can not change and we understand that this might cause some confusion in the beginning.

What should I refer to, when speaking about the VMS?

We have changed the name to VDG Sense and will promote our video management system under that name. DIVA may still be used for older software versions, but we would prefer it if you would refer to VDG Sense when speaking about our VMS. For more information, please take time to read our communication guidelines.