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Employee insight

Corporate 14.11.2023

In this edition, we sit down with Gerard, our Technical Specialist, to explore his journey within our company and gain insights into what it takes to drive excellence for our clients in this role.

TKH Security emphazises the importance of user experience. How do we balance rubust security measures with providing a user-friendly interface in the products you have worked on?

Our Cloud environment is a great example of this. Many companies have migrated their systems to the Cloud and are seeking similar solutions for their security needs. So, it’s great to see that we have responded to this demand by creating Cloud-based security solutions as a technology partner, providing a seamlessly integrated solution encompassing software, mobile apps, cloud services, and hardware. This aligns perfectly with both market trends and the needs of our valued customers.

Given TKH Security’s focus on innovative security technology, can you provide an example of how the team/dept stays updated with the latest advancements in the industry and integrates them succesfully?

An example of this is the integration of Smartphones into our Access Control solutions. Nowadays, nearly everyone has a Smartphone and uses it for various purposes. It’s not only convenient but also delightful to use it for granting access to your workplace. This approach offers simplicity and convenience for the user.

Through close cooperation with our R&D and Operations, this has been successfully introduced to the market and, over time, constantly improved and expanded.

As a result, it is now possible to use Smartphones in combination with DOM Security locks.

What would you say is your/the team’s biggest achievement within this field?

hat is the innovative and learning ability of our team. Our service is constantly changing, new techniques are being introduced all the time – and it’s reassuring to see how they keep learning and absorbing the knowledge. In an ever-changing market they always make sure our customers get the service they are used to and can expect.