ETAVIS TSA and TKH Security, a long-term relationship

News, Testimonial - September 6, 2018

Systems integrator ETAVIS cooperates with TKH Security as preferred supplier for its projects in infrastructure, public transport and advanced security across Switzerland. Business unit manager Harry Seitzinger talks about what sets VDG’s video management system apart from the rest of the competition, his expectations for the upcoming Open API and his company’s cooperation with VDG in general.

Harry Seitzinger’s Business Unit is active in Switzerland in the sectors infrastructure, public transport and advanced security. ETAVIS is a subsidiary of VINCI Energies. VINCI is the world’s largest building company. How did cooperation with VDG start?

Harry Seitzinger: “With regard to access control for a specific project, in 2015 we were already engaged in talks with Keyprocessor, another company within TKH Group and a sister company of TKH Security. When they learned of our need in the field of video management software, Keyprocessor suggested we contacted VDG. We started working with their application programming interface (API) on this project and the results were very satisfying, both for our client and us.”

VDG provides the best product

He continues: “The simplicity of design, ease of installing and user-friendliness provide for a much more ‘logical’ video management system than what is available from VDG’s competitors. Secondly, TKH Security’s interface was the only one able to handle our request for a specific functionality.

VDG adapted this functionality even further, specifically for us, enabling us to install VDG Sense for the first time in a tunnel in Switzerland. Presently, the system is in use in eight tunnels across Switzerland.

Essentially, VDG has extended their API functionality even further for us. This allowed us to customize our graphic user interface completely tailor-made. As a result, the end product is very easy to use for people without an ICT background.”

High expectations for the Open API

Seitzinger calls the upcoming Open API that TKH Security is currently developing “very promising”. He estimates the API which ETAVIS already uses has 80% of the API’s functionality. “Still, however, we see this development as a great improvement over the existing one. It will allow our clients to use our own web client for all operations, eliminating the need to open a second software application.”

ETAVIS increasingly uses VDG / TKH

“We increasingly work with VDG and/or TKH products and services”, he explains. “In our project for the tunnels of Neuchatel, we installed their recording suite and automatic accident detection system. Currently, identical systems are being implemented in three tunnels in the Jura mountains also. Another interesting project worth mentioning is the advanced security system to protect a bus depot for the Public Transport of Lausanne, which combines various technologies of VDG and its TKH Group sister companies. In conclusion, I think we have come a long way since our first cooperation in 2015. As far as I am concerned, it is a long-term relationship.”