Integrating Tattile’s security cameras with VDG Sense video management system

New features, News, Product news, VDG Sense - August 27, 2019

TKH Security’s research & development office is in the process of integrating the highly specialized ANPR/LPR cameras of its Italian sister company Tattile with its VDG Sense video management system. Head of R&D Wilco Gorthuis and product owner Maarten van der Heijden explain how.

“Of course, we have a wide range of experience with integrating cameras”, says Wilco Gorthuis, head of R&D at TKH Security. “Tattile’s ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) or LPR (license plate recognition) cameras have a superior quality of recognition and special functionalities. Therefore, our goal is to achieve deep integration, making very advanced functionalities available to our clients in the coming months.”

The integration will be a phased process
Maarten van der Heijden, product owner: “The integration will be a phased process. For the first release we are focusing on optimal video image processing as well as the license plate recognition functionality and basic search capabilities. This also includes comparing the scanned license plates to our database of known license plates. In turn, this could start user-defined procedures such as video pop-up, audio alarms, simple access control or informing third party access control systems (for example IProtect) for further handling.”

“In the second phase we will research our clients needs and wishes with regard to the smart search functionality and how best to integrate other intelligent algorithms which are available in the camera.”

Tattile cameras can recognize the type of vehicle (car, motor, truck), the car brand, the color and its speed, among other things. In VDG Sense we will be using this extra information mainly for retrospective searching (smart search) or starting automated procedures. This can be used on business parks to find, identify or notify the security officer of suspiciously acting vehicles.

In addition to vehicle information, the Tattile cameras are also able to perform Automated Incident Detection (AID) or traffic analysis which includes many extra functionalities such as detecting people walking on the road, verhicles losing cargo or vehicles going the wrong way et cetera. VDG Sense will also be increasingly using this information in subsequent software releases.

Hardware & software
VDG Sense video management system; Tattile cameras.
This applications include:

– Free Flow
– Stop & Go
– Limited Traffic Zones

– Speed
– Red Light
– Priority Lanes

Vehicle Tracking:
– Security & Tracking
– Mobile
– Parking & Access Control