Interview with a member of our Technical Services crew

News - July 18, 2019

“My goal is to produce tailor-made solutions exceeding our clients’ demands”

Cor Prook (39) has been working in TKH Security’s department of Technical Services since the beginning of 2011. He started with the company’s precursor VDG Security after having gained years of solid experience producing hardware solutions with a major computer store chain.

“I am responsible for elaborating the specifications into a specific configuration and assembling the hardware, thereby producing our solutions. In addition, my department takes care of repairs – although I can honestly say this is not frequent work, due to the reliability and performance of TKH Security’s systems. We supply long-term equipment.”

Cor has also set up the (internal) VMware environment where the R&D department of TKH Security can test its releases of the software for the VDG Sense video management system through virtualization.

‘The Abu Dhabi Formula One project is a testament to TKH Security’s competence and ability’

Asked for his favourite project, he says: “Well, producing the computer servers for the Abu Dhabi Formula One was a very prestigious order a few years back. The award of this order to TKH Security, I think, testifies to our competence and ability.”