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Interview with Guus

“There is plenty of freedom to learn and try out!”

Tell us Guus, what brings you to TKH Security?

I was looking for a side job as a developer to combine with my studies in Software Engineering in Zoetermeer. I found TKH Security, formerly VDG.
I was able to combine this for six months and learned a lot during this period. When I had to graduate, TKH Security offered me a graduation internship and that is how I ended up here.

For my internship I needed a workplace where software concepts were worked on in an innovative way. Together with several team leaders and managers, we developed a plan to set up a cool and innovative project.
For my graduation project I researched and designed a location determination system using Bluetooth-low-energy. The main goal of this research was to discover the possibilities within narrowcasting.

Later in the process I used this knowledge to realize new functionalities in a number of existing products of TKH Security.
Because of this success, TKH Security offered me a job as a Software-Engineer after this graduation project.

Can you walk me through a typical day in this role?

As a team member of the Blue Bird team, we start each day with a stand-up, here we discuss our previous workday and the outstanding tasks for the day.
Then I put on my headphones and start programming, often this is accompanied by code reviews for team members or figuring out solutions with the PO (Product Owner).

“Headphones on and code!”
Why do you think other people would want to work here?

TKH Security gives you the space to choose which development team you want to work in. The space to switch afterwards is also there so you always feel free to go wherever you want. I am on the Blue-bird team from which innovative technologies and projects are constantly emerging. For example, this is the reason why I am in this team and also, I think this can be a big plus if you are considering working at TKH Security.

“There is plenty of freedom to learn and try out!”

What do other people need to know about TKH Security?

TKH Security has had a very innovative mindset since its inception.

“As a Software Engineer, it is very interesting to be a part of this because the company always remains open to all kinds of new concepts and therefore other ways of working.”

Which characteristics are worth gold in this organization?
Incredibly nice colleagues with a lot of knowledge.
“✓ Check”
Room for self-development.
“✓ Check”
Hot sauce.
“✓ Check”