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October 22, 2018


The timeline panel is a panel that can be added to your layout from the Layout manager. The timeline gives a visual representation of a camera's motion data in a video trackbar, as well as getting a thumbnail overview of a recording over a set of time. The timeline can be used to easily find peaks in motion data or changes in your cameras field of view.


Timeline overview


Search field
Can be used to find and filter the device list in the timeline. You can use the device name or it's location.

Location Filter
Quickly filter the device list on device location

Event Data
Display the Motion, Audio or device events in the timeline

No Recording
Indicate the start and end time of the selected camera device

Current playback date/time
Display the date/time of the current playback frame

Zoom level
Increase or decrease the total time range displayed in the timeline

Playback controls
Playback controls to start or stop playback and set the playback speed

Export Options
Multifunctional buttons to export or mark recorded data.

Date/Time Ribbon
The current range displayed in the Timeline

Motion data (Events)
Display the selected Event Data. Motion is displayed in graphs, events are displayed in lines and audio displayed in a range.

Camera Thumbnails
The timeline can display the thumbnails of a device. Click the arrow button in the device list to open the device to display the thumbnails. The timeline can only display thumbnails of a single device. If another camera is opened, the previous device will automatically collapse.

Placing a timeline in your layout

The timeline can be placed in any layout using the Layout manager. Create a new panel and set the type of the panel to "Timeline". A layout is limited to a single timeline panel. For the Timeline panel to function, it needs to be accompanied by one or more "Video Playback" panels. Devices loaded into Playback panels are automatically placed into a timelines video track. This also works for playback panels placed in other layouts, if the timeline panel is part of a multi layout.

The timeline also replaces the Playback Control panel in Fullscreen mode of playback panels.


A 2x2 layout with a timeline panel


Using the Timeline panel

Playback control

The timeline acts similar to the playback controls panel and can be used to control the playback speed or direction of playback using the controls in the left down corner.




The videotrack holds a camera metadata. Metadata exists out of motion data or VCA events. Using the mouse, you can drag the track left or right to change the current playback date/time. Use the scrollwheel or the slider in the top-right of the panel to zoom in or out.


A videotrack can also be expanded to show recorded footage thumbnails. To do this, click on the triangle left of the Device name to expand. Due to performance limitations, only a single device can be expanded. A video track is automatically closed if another videotrack is expanded.



Note: Historic video metadata will not be available for recordings prior to the installation of Sense version 2.4.16.


Export / Bookmarks / Videotag

You can use the timeline to export a video or an image, create a bookmark or generate a VideoTag using the buttons next to the Playback controls. The buttons change depending if an export range has been selected in the Date/Time ribbon.

Image Export / Bookmark

Video Export / Video Tag

Image Export
To export an image, set the timeline on the date/time you wish to export and click the 'Image Export'-button. This will pop up the image export dialog. For more information about image export, click here.

To create a bookmark, set the timeline on the date/time you wish to export and click the 'Bookmark'-button. This will pop up the Create Bookmark dialog. For more information about Bookmarks, click here.

Video Export
To export a video, select a range in the Date/Time ribbon. The selected range will be highlighted. To deselect the highlight, click anywhere outside of the selected range. Click the 'Video Export'-button to pop up the Export video dialog. For more information about video exports, click here.

Video Tag
To tag the video, select a range in the Date/Time ribbon. The selected range will be highlighted. To deselect the highlight, click anywhere outside of the selected range. Click the 'Video Tag'-button to pop up the Add Video Tag dialog. Fore more information about video exports, click here.

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