VDG Sense 2.5.12

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October 22, 2018

Release Summary With VDG Sense 2.5.12, server boot up time has been significantly reduced. Support for the AXIS P8221 Network Audio Module has been added. The Timeline panel now supports creating Video Tags on recorded data and displaying Device Motion data. Dewarping with VDG now supports fisheye devices mounted on walls.
Note: In the event that it's required to downgrade from 2.5.12 to 2.5.11, any video tags created in 2.5.12 will not be locked in 2.5.11 or lower, and the data will be overwritten when retention time has been reached. Video Tags created in 2.5.11 will still function correctly in both 2.5.11 and 2.5.12.
For assistance with upgrading from previous VDG Sense versions, please read the "Upgrading Instructions" page.

New Features
  • #7813 Support AXIS P8221 Network Audio Module as camera driver
  • #8321 Video tagging in Timeline panel (Read more)
  • #5196 Support wall mode in VDG dewarp algoritme
  • #7680 API: Add error-code if System Status plugin isn't enabled when calling getHardwareStatus
  • #7637 Improve server boot up time with huge amount of storage
  • #7946 Support dual streaming for Arecont cameras (Read more)
  • #7955 Indicate Special Release version in SenseClient
  • #7963 Increase number of native client connections to 256
  • #8113 Support setAbsolutePosition for TKH Security Solutions 1000/1100 driver
  • #8120 Add support for RTSP and Axis cameras for Observision encoder
  • #8425 Support device motion detection for Arecont cameras
  • #8535 Display device motion in timeline
  • #5931 Map and HTML panel do not stay onBottom if they are created after other video panels
  • #7866 Device location parameter is not cleared from Viewer Macro if the macro is changed to "Any Device"
  • #8087 Unresponsive GUI while restoring in Failover tab on Failover server
  • #8088 Unresponsive GUI when administrator password is changed in plugin settings of Failover server
  • #8158 Server Lost message when releasing videotags on multiple servers
  • #8272 Signal parameter "devicelocation" value incorrectly added in macro ini file
  • #8320 "Select next/previous panel" macro action always start at the first panel, regardless of the selected panel
  • #8332 OSD Background and Font colors are incorrectly converted to BGR
  • #8380 No PID events from PID camera after camera is power cycled
  • #8419 H.265 not supported for Hikvision driver
  • #8420 RTSP server does not stream video or loses video stream if camera is set to On Demand Streaming
  • #8456 ONVIF driver can cause watchdog message while setting up a connection
  • #8487 Client may crash when setting a macro inactive that performs an action on server
  • #8488 Watchdog error when switching between presets while dome is still moving to previous preset
  • #8499 Multicast video not working for Bosch Dinion IP Starlight 7000
  • #8500 Search results for Intercom Conversations shows incorrect station number
  • #8524 Decoding H.264 video from Bosch camera shows artifacts
  • #8526 Incorrect URI is used in RTSP play request for Axis cameras
  • #8536 Slow server startup if FailoverStorePath is set to non-existing drive or not yet present
  • #8568 Rare crashes on NAL unit parsing
  • #8578 Increasing amount of process handles when switching between tabs in menu
  • #8626 API: Start Videotag API call with a provided serverId and omitted deviceId, starts tag on all devices on all servers
  • #8637 ClientMulticastGetThread should use the rtspClientType configured for device
  • #8805 Auto multicast is not working for Siqura cameras when multicast field is left empty

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