VDG Sense 2.5.13

Knowledge Base - VDG Sense 2.5
January 22, 2019

New Features
  • #7559 Playback visible on Video Wall when taking over layout (Read more)
  • #7940 Add named drivers for NVH-KEY1001 / NVH-KEY1002 / NVH-KEY1003 keyboards (Read more)
  • #8379 New macro action: "Select Device From Panel" (Read more)
  • #7837 Improve Sensit plugin performance
  • #8498 Add option for Counter Panel to configure refresh time (Read more)
  • #8513 Add ini option to exclude specific events for database storage (Tutorial)
  • #8913 Show 'No Image' faster on remote client when camera disconnects
  • #8530 Increase performance when saving layouts when 200+ layouts are present
  • #7232 PluginManager memory leak when performing high amount of API calls
  • #7678 API: It is required to restart SensePluginManager to retrieve current multilayout list with getMultiLayoutList
  • #7826 Not all H.264 key frames are detected which can result in huge storage blocks
  • #7863 Audio not working in Sense Player when changing playback speed back to normal
  • #7870 Connection to database not restored after watchdog software restart
  • #8059 Maps: the status of the device icon is not updated when another device is assigned
  • #8118 Exported .mp4 clip is sometimes unplayable when VCA metadata is included
  • #8376 Using Pre-recording will sometimes fill HDD beyond retention
  • #8457 Large number of open client and postgres connections
  • #8525 Unstable RTSP videostream on Samsung/Hanwha PNM 9080/9081 camera
  • #8544 Videostream from passive multicast stream not working after update from 2.4 to 2.5
  • #8558 Rare Video Manager restart after camera selection due to Watchdog error
  • #8572 Connection Lost of Bosch DINION IP 7000 HD takes longer than 5 seconds before being displayed in panel
  • #8580 Device assignment to engine not working correctly, causing increasing latency when switching layouts
  • #8591 Cannot search for license plate from Slave servers in Event Search layout
  • #8613 NVH-KEY1002 not working i.c.w. Samsung Wisenet III driver
  • #8621 VCA Event blobs do not correspond to actual event image
  • #8628 Restarting server using button in Server configuration tab triggers Failover takeover procedure
  • #8647 API: addClip gives 'No response from server' (-42) error for SLAVE server
  • #8669 Add firewall exception for database incoming connections
  • #8708 ONVIF driver sends incorrect date in security header
  • #8731 Changes to video wall are not visible when second remote client takes over video wall control
  • #8797 Exported mp4 clip not playable
  • #8824 Storage: Lockcount not decreased after release videotag when tagged during connection lost
  • #8864 Auto/manual multicast on multiple channels in combination with dual streaming not working with Siqura driver
  • #8893 Recorded video during Failover period cannot be read after restore
  • #8894 Clients do not login properly if failover server takes over management server
  • #8912 Notification error with value OK in events panel
  • #8989 Sense Setup changes port NGINX service to 80 instead of 443
  • #8952 Counter panel not initializing correctly the first time a layout is opened
  • #9006 Axis P8221 audio encoder does not generate ConnectionLost event
  • #9079 Management server restarts when logging out during a large search query
  • #9180 When Axis P8221 is selected in the Device list, the audio option is disabled for all other devices as well
  • #9231 Rare VideoManager restart after dome selection due to Watchdog error