New 12MP fisheye camera

News, Product news - July 21, 2017

TKH Security now offers a 12-megapixel fisheye camera. The NVC-1312 is a surveillance solution featuring 360° wide coverage without any blind spots. It supports resolution up to 12mp at 20 fps, and therefore allows videos to be viewed smoothly, while quad streams codec (H.264 Baseline / Main / High Profile + MJPEG) offers supreme image quality while keeping efficient bandwidth for storage management.

In VDG Sense, a dewarped fisheye device will function as regular PTZ device, and can be controlled with both the Live Control panel, or by clicking and dragging the mouse inside the dewarped image. Dewarping refers to the process of perspective correction of an image, to reverse the effects of geometric distortions caused by the camera lens. You can also utilize a 360-panoramic overview in your layouts.

The NVC-1312 camera is equipped with IR LED and noise reduction to improve the image quality in low light environments. It also has network failure detection, to make sure you never miss anything in case of a possible upcoming network failure.

This camera is most efficient as an overview camera in large spaces. What is also impressive about this camera, is the ability to play back recorded video footage in 360°. Never miss anything with this type of camera!
The assembly of this camera is suitable for ceiling mount and wall bracket connection.

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The camera is now available for order.