Your parking operations should be a breeze

With lower costs, higher revenue and a great customer experience.
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What FlinQ can do for you



Automate your key processes and workflows. Built for high performance. Saving costs and lifting your service level.



Manage all your parking facilities from a single control room. With massive saving in labor costs and a boost for your customer experience and revenue.



Integrate and control all your devices, systems and communication channels. Vendor agnostic and with unlimited interfaces.

Parking Systems, Communication, Video, Data, Workflows

Your Whole Operation In One, Intuitive Screen

You control hundreds or even thousands of devices, systems, processes, workflows, customer contacts, employees, events, and so on.

What if you could integrate it all? Centralize your operation? Reduce labor costs and create a better working environment? Smoothing your workflows and processes? Turn your data into valuable management information? And suprise your customers with an excellent experience?

FlinQ is the world’s only platform for combining customer contact, vendor-agnostic integration and business intelligence for parking operators. Small or big, no matter the size of your operations.

One platform to track, manage and optimize your parking facilities.

One platform. One screen. One dashboard. Full control.

Stop managing spreadsheets with spreadsheets

Turn Your Data Into Precious Information

Rely on our proven Business Intelligence algorithms to predict pricing and maintenance. Make better choices for operations, finance and commerce.
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Realtime Dashboard & Reporting
Access all information about revenues, devices and important KPIs in real-time, anywhere.
Full Customer Insight
Know all about your customer real-time and solve their problems on the fly.
Discover trends and patterns
Access all information about revenues, devices and important KPIs in real-time, anywhere.

Why Parking Operators Love Our Platform

Where your business loses every day FlinQ will solve that and boost your profit
• Scatered information and unclear workflows • Standardized and automated workflows
• Frustrated customers waiting for help • 360° and real-time customer insight
• Stressed support agents • Plenty time for a friendly word
• Training new support staff costs days or weeks • New agents up and running in 20 minutes
• Adding or dropping parking locations is slow and expensive • Scale your business with a couple of clicks
• No clue where, when and how profit or cost develops • Analyze, predict and report realtime
• Spreadsheets managing spreadsheets • Automated, detailed management dashboards

“Over 60% of parking operators are facing serious operational and financial challenges. The majority regards digitization as a primary solution but doesn’t know where to start.”

Do you want to spend less and earn more?

Of course I do!