iProtect Security

From access control to a complete security management system with the highest level of security, easy to manage from one dashboard.

Access control

Access control

Secure access control system based on secure controllers



Scalable system hardware for single or multi-site integration



Open architecture system integration

Smart functionalities

Smart functionalities

Every access control functionality in one system

A scalable system that meets any need

The time of having old-fashioned keys is over. Customized security of access is done with iProtect Access. This reliable, efficient and modern Access Control System can consist of merely a single card reader. This offers users an approachable way to start with Access Control and to expand it further at their own pace. From small and medium-sized businesses to international conglomerates, government buildings, warehouses and grounds; only authorized persons are given access to certain areas.

Flexibility is of vital importance, because your business grows and therefore has a need for more extensive protection in the long term. iProtect Access is easy to scale up to the all-encompassing iProtect Security. A fully-fledged Security Management System where Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection and Intercom functionalities is typically combined with Access Control.
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Key features

  • one to hundreds of card reader(s);
  • visitor registration;
  • email support;
  • authorization of persons;
  • classification of persons;
  • horizontal database separation;
  • guarded and restricted areas;
  • guard Tour with check points.

Access Control

Of course, being able to grant or deny access is the main function of the Access Control system. A fully equipped security system with online card readers, visitor registration, guard tour, email support and authorization of persons in specific areas. Access Control works in conjunction with a wide range of card reader technologies.


The Commend Intercom systems supplied by Keyprocessor are among the best in the world. Recognition of employees based on their voice and facial features. Where necessary, combine calls with Video images. The system offers excellent audio quality. By using analogue techniques in combination with digital signal processing (DSP), this system is extremely future-oriented.

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance makes it possible to assess situations and respond immediately from remote locations. By integrating IP cameras, codecs and video analysis techniques with the latest streaming methods, Video Surveillance offers the best picture quality. The equipment is adjustable and based on open standards, enabling very easy integration and installation.

Intrusion Detection

The Intrusion Detection system is based on the latest technology and multiple sites can be managed from a single central control point. Effective as well as cost-reducing. As soon as an intrusion is detected, the alarm system immediately sends a notification to the emergency control room or to the company security.