Custom Layouts

Your screen, your choice

Customize your screen by defining your own custom layout

Choosing the right screen layout depends on many different factors. So why offer only standardized layouts? That’s what our developers thought when we created custom layouts. Discover the advantages of how you can fully customize your dashboard to your own desire.


The layouts of VDG Sense can be created to exactly fit your needs. For each user a different layout can be created. This particularly comes in useful for day/night shifts, which can require different camera settings and different cameras to be displayed.


The VDG Sense graphical user interface (GUI) consists of panels. There is a massive collection of different types of panels available in our toolbox; from live streaming to playback video, floor plans, event handling panels, HTML browser, buttons, labels and many, many more. All can be running at the same time in different panels. Each panel can be sized and placed where you feel it fits best. With this, a certain layout can be created.


A layout can consist of multiple live viewing panels, playback panels and panels with controls. Together with our powerful macro engine, layouts can be dynamic as well. A layout can change when a certain event occurs, such as activation of intercom or movement detection from a certain camera.


The layouts can be adjusted to the amount of information available. In a small CCTV setup with only four video channels, usually all four streams are running on the same time in one layout. With fourteen video channels this becomes more difficult. With four hundred channels from ten different sites it is virtually impossible.

Custom layouts help process and filter this amount of information efficiently. It is possible to work with multi-layouts for different screens, clients and sites.



Creating a custom layout is simple, and can be done quickly. It’s a simple click-and-drag system. When creating a new layout, simply choose a panel, size it, place it where you want and then continue building your layout with all panels you wish to include. A layout can also serve as a template for a new custom layout, filled with different panels. A layout can always be adjusted after it has been set.

For any kind of user

For many smaller video security setups, most users are passive. A simple layout with a few live streams is usually enough for these users. Only when an event occurs, the user wishes to be informed. Together with our macro engine, the layout can change following a certain event, enlarging the image of where the event occurred or giving active notifications to the user. But for larger video security systems with active users, this is not enough. For these users, individual layouts can be created, completely personalized with panels that contain video playback, controls for third party systems, HTML browsers, floor plans and many other panels.

This powerful feature is supported on all connected monitors, local and remote. No matter what your workspace is or how your video security is displayed, the layouts are completely customizable.

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