Dual Streaming & Multicasting

Reduced network load

With VDG Sense, there is no need to worry about the threat of overloading your network capacity with video data. VDG Sense uses Dual Streaming and Multicasting to reduce network usage.

Dual Streaming

Dual Streaming provides live streaming video in standard quality, and recorded video in high resolution. Compared to a standard CCTV environment, where streaming video and recorded video are the same quality, the effect of Dual Streaming is that a much smaller demand is placed on the network capacity.


VDG Sense supports Multicasting. When multiple clients want to access live streaming video, this can use up serious network capacity. With Multicasting, network loads are reduced up to 30% compared to conventional streaming video to multiple clients.

Below is a schematic overview of a set-up with 1 camera, 1 switch, 1 VDG server and 3 VDG Sense clients. Move your mouse over the different icons on the bottom to see the difference in network load*.


*The schematic overview is based on a fictive example, only to show the possibilites of reducing network capacity. In a real setup, the actual network loads vary and depend on many different factors and settings. No rights may be derived from these images.