Event Driven Macros

Create a pro-active video surveillance system with powerful macros in VDG Sense.

With VDG Sense, you have more than just video surveillance software. Our powerful macro engine enables you to define how the system should react to certain events. Event driven macros are pre-defined rules or actions that define the system’s behavior, triggered by one or more events. Simply put: an “if this … then that ...” rule.


How does it work?

First of all, it is important to define events. For instance detected movement, a scanned license plate or activation of an intercom. Then, system behavior is to be defined. This can be anything, such as a dome preset, a different layout, or control of an external I/O device. One event can even trigger multiple macros, both server or client based. The result is an intelligent video security system that ‘knows’ what actions to take when certain events occur.

Endless config possibilities

Users are free to configure the system’s behavior in any way they feel fits best. With up to 1000 possible macros per server or client, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Easy to use

Macros make VDG Sense even easier to use. By pre-defining actions, the system shows exactly what you need to see, when you need to see it. By using buttons linked to macros, the operator can easily switch between layouts or to control cameras and external I/O devices.

Control more

Events from 3rd party systems, such as Commend Intercom, can also be set to trigger macros in VDG Sense. Visa versa is also possible; events in VDG Sense can also trigger a macro to send a command to a 3rd party system.

Focus on what’s important

Macros can be set to change the layout of the viewer / client. Especially in systems with many cameras, the layouts can respond to events happening and show only what is important to the operator.