AlphaVision by Alphatronics

AlphaVision by Alphatronics is integrated in VDG Sense.

AlphaVision alarm systems are integrated with VDG Sense and vice versa. Section and zone signals are received in VDG Sense to create events. With these events, macros can be triggered in VDG Sense.

For instance: the alarm system is deactivated by an entered code in the AlphaVision keypad. This could be registered as an event, triggering the macro in the system to switch a nearby PTZ dome camera to a preset position and capture the face of the person who entered the code. This image can then be stored as evidence.

Alarm or intrusion signals in AlphaVision can be used to create an event in VDG Sense. VDG Sense can also send signals to AlphaVision to arm / disarm a section of a secured area.

A schematic example of the integration is shown below.

Read more about AlphaVision alarm sytems on the Alphatronics website (Dutch).