Commend intercom

The world's leading security intercom systems integrated with VDG Sense

Add a voice to the face

Commend develops and manufactures Security and Communication systems for protection of people, buildings and values. Commend is the world's leading provider of security intercom systems. VDG Sense is integrated with Commend Intercom Systems to create a complete audio and video solution. This solution utilizes Commend Intercom stations to add audio streams in excellent speech quality to the video stream, thus putting a voice to the face. At the Control Desk, both media are available to capture situations and events quickly, at the moment they happen.


  • Interface to VDG Sense
  • Lip synch audio/video recording
  • 100% IP-based – no need for extra cabling
  • Easy to install

Commend's user interface is available and provides spimple control of the system elements. VDG Sense automatically creates events on calls, which makes it easy to search for stored conversations and to enable macro's. Macro's could for instance switch a preset or change the layout settings during a call. To ensure correct storage and documentation of the video and audio files, recordings are automatically lip synchronized. This also ensures reliable evidence. All recordings are in excellent 7kHz quality.

Simple installation, easy integration

Installation is very simple. VDG Sense automatically detects the Commend server, the stations and the audio channels. And because everything is IP based, there is no need for extra cabling. In the schematic overview to the right, you can see how Commend's system elements are integrated with those of VDG Sense.