Park Assist

A complete parking security and management solution with the integration of Park Assist in VDG Sense

Park Assist® offers a smart-sensor system for parking guidance keeps a finger on the pulse on the behaviors, preferences and usage patterns across your parking facility. The smart-sensor cameras and combined with integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR) and intelligent software are designed to monitor the entire parking facility.

With an integration of Park Assist in VDG Sense, a full parking solution can be offered, including intelligent security throughout the whole parking facility.

Frictionless parking

Park Assist uses smart-sensor cameras to generate data on the behaviors, preferences and usage patterns that affect parking facilities on a day-to-day basis. This data is then used for optimum parking management, such as informing visitors of available spaces and offering them a unique high-tech experience, maximizing revenue streams through premium pricing structures, but also for optimized safety and security throughout the entire parking facility.

Intelligent parking solutions with a security point of view

With the integration in VDG Sense, the images of the smart-sensor cameras can be used to offer a unique security solution for the whole parking facility. The increased view, and intelligent features of VDG Sense, offer a much higher degree of safety and security than traditional parking surveillance systems. Without the need of adding extra security cameras in the parking area.

Through VDG Sense, the video data can be stored and easily retrieved for evidence purposes. The risks for both visitors and parking owners is reduced to a minimum with the amount of video data available. The smart-sensor cameras of Park Assist are enabled with motion detection to capture streaming video whenever motion is detected in or around a parking space. With the integration in VDG Sense, an expanded level of security can be provided that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive.

The stored video data can serve as powerful evidence for scenarios of theft or assault. It can also help protect parking owners and management against fraudulent claims of theft and vandalism, while helping to deter the intrusion of unwelcome visitors. On the customer side, the security surveillance provides an added measure of safety and security. Giving parkers the peace-of-mind of knowing their vehicles are effectively monitored for as long as they remain in a space.

Easy and accurate management for parking and security officers

VDG Sense offers the users an intuitive and full overview of the complete parking facility. Through the integration of the maps available from Park Assist, users can easily find and display the desired video image from the available smart-sensors. Simply click on the device and the video stream is displayed in the dedicated video panel.

Signage of the available / occupied parking spaces is visualized in VDG Sense through the simple display of the numbers. This gives the user a quick and immediate overview. All the information of the Park Assist system is generated and displayed real-time without delay, for accurate parking and security management.