Detect and determine events through intelligent video content analysis.

VDG Sense can be expanded with intelligent video content analysis (VCA). This can add huge value to the video data collected and can immediately initialize a signal, quickly and efficiently preventing avoidable situations.


For license plate recognition, VDG Sense offers CarR, a highly intelligent feature developed to scan for license plates in a live video stream. Example applications of CarR could be:

  • to classify the license plate to the country of origin;
  • compare the found license plate to black or white lists;
  • Count vehicles to detect when a parking lot is full;
  • Detect vehicles returning within a pre-defined period;
  • Click here to view the CarR guidelines


FaceR can isolate faces from video images and convert them into metadata. Metadata points are placed on eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth. The detected face can be compared with the person lists (e.g. a black- or white list). With a match or mismatch an event can be created and actions can be triggered using macros.

Besides comparing faces to known lists, risk profiles can be programmed to detect people returning within a pre-defined period. All these events can be used to trigger macros from other components.

Click here to view the FaceR guidelines


ObjectR can isolate objects from video images and classify them into several categories, each containing pre-defined rules.

When a rule is violated, an event is created. For instance, objects which enter a specific area, cross a virtual wire, leave behind or take away items can be marked as an event. These events can be used to trigger macros from other components. Multiple rules can be set per camera, and, together with the event / macro feature, the applications are virtually unlimited.

Click here to view the ObjectR Knowledge Base


SceneR has been developed to detect camera tampering and can analyze video images on change of angle and / or loss of detail.

If a camera’s view changes (deliberately or by innocent mistake), this has a negative effect on the installed algorithm (intelligence). SceneR is as an ideal tool for automated maintenance of network cameras. SceneR can also trigger an alarm if a camera has been tampered with (for instance moved or covered).