Mobile Apps & Web Client

Always access

Mobile Apps: Access your video security system everywhere

Our mobile apps make it possible for you to view and control your VDG Sense video security system from anywhere. Simply download the app to your mobile device (iOS / Android), connect it to your VDG server and you're in control. Here is a quick grasp of the main features of the app:


Full screen with one-tap zooming. Zoom in on any object by simply tapping the live video. View the next or previous camera by swiping horizontally.


Save any incident directly to your photo library by tapping on the image icon. Share the images by using your choise of any other app, such as your e-mail app or messaging app.

The VDG Sense app is available for iOS and Android.

VDG Sense Web Client

Our VDG Sense Web Client offers a full range of features, enabling VDG Sense users to access, control and store their live and recorded video data from any PC or laptop. The VDG Sense Web Client is available for Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari web browsers.

Identical look & feel

Our web client has been designed to give VDG Sense users the same look & feel as the user interface of the VDG Sense client software. This way, it is easy for users to navigate through the web client easily. The controls are in many ways identical as well.

Responsive with multiple layouts

The Web Client is designed to work in any size browser and on various devices (limited functionalities may apply), with preset multiple layouts available. All layouts of the web client will automatically adjust and re-arrange to the size of the browser.

Live & playback video

Besides streaming live video images, it is also possible to rewind and play back stored video. Simply open a video in full-screen mode, and click-and-drag the timeline on the bottom. While dragging the timeline, you will see a small popup image to show you what image is shown.

Other features of the VDG Sense Web Client

Panels can be shown in 4:3 and 16:9 ratio.

Fit to panel.

Camera images are made to fit the panel, eliminating the black borders.


Simple PTZ camera controls are available for PTZ devices in full screen mode.


With the new device search feature, devices are easily found.

Drag & Drop

The drag-and-drop feature alows you to easily adjust the video channels shown in the layout.


Full screen playback is now available.


The sensitiveness of PTZ controls can easily be adjusted in the settings.