Prepared for cybercrime

News - July 14, 2020


Unfortunately, cybercrime is becoming more common. We are doing everything in our power to take the correct security measures against this, so our company data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands and you may also be a victim of this.

Security policy TKH Security
Recently we have tightened our security policy. For example, we have additionally secured all access to our most important accounts by enabling a ‘two factor authentication (2FA)’. By adding this extra authentication step, we minimalize the risk that our login accounts will fall into the wrong hands. Internally, we are also using a password management program. Our passwords are securely stored here. In addition, we have taken extra security measures for our remote support services. Periodic reviews of our security policy are carried out, so we remain sharp and alert and we are constantly improving.

Prepared for invoice fraud
Besides the security measures we have taken ourselves, we also want to protect you as our business relation from fraud. Invoice fraud is an important part of cybercrime that more and more companies are dealing with. Fraudsters then intercept an invoice that was sent per post or digitally and amend the invoice by stating their own bank details on it. This can be accompanied by a notification that the bank details have been changed or the difference is so minimal that you don’t realize that you are depositing the invoice amount into a wrong bank account. We would like to ask you to be extra alert to this. Especially now that we only send our invoices out digitally.

We do everything in our power to prevent cybercrime. However, if you don’t trust an invoice or other information that you have received from us, please contact us immediately by the phone number or e-mail address that is known to you.